Heat Pump Installation


Advantages & Disadvantages of a Heat Pump

Advantages of heat pump water heating include:

  • efficient conversion of energy to heat
  • the energy source is always available
  • it can provide energy-efficient heating for large amounts of water for use for space heating (e.g. underfloor), hot tubs and swimming pools
  • it can be used to boost other water heating systems

Disadvantages of air-to-water heat pumps include:

  • loss of efficiency as temperature decreases below 6–7ºC although some will continue to provide heating in temperatures down to -10–15ºC
  • purchase and installation costs are higher than for standard electric storage cylinder systems
  • space is needed to install the exterior unit
  • penetrations have to be made through the building cladding
  • outdoor units may be noisy
  • less efficient with low water use (1 or 2 person households)

Heat Pump Installation & Maintenance

Although Optimus Plumbing can install and clean Heat Pumps only someone that specializes in Heat Pumps can replace and amend parts.  

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