Leak Detection

At Optimus Plumbing we have three different methods of leak detection for the reason that water leaks are critical and need to be detected and amended fast and effectively. Leaks can be very costly and even more, you are losing the precious source of water and let’s face it, water is the new gold.

There are many causes of leaks but the most common reasons are old pipes and high municipal water pressure. The old pipes in Pretoria are suffering under the new water pressure. As a result, lots of leaks and burst pipes. Luckily there are ways to lift some pressure from your pipes, one of the most effective methods are adjustable pressure valves that will regulate the pressure to your home water pipes and prolong their life span.

A sample of an adjustable pressure valve:

Water pressure control

A simple way to make certain that you don’t have a water leak is to close all taps on the property and make sure no toilets are busy filling up. Then check if your water meter is still running. If so, you most likely have a leak and should contact us immediately. Click to Contact Optimus Plumbing

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